Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sacred Life

Are there such things as accidents?  Really, really think about this for a minute.  Just like God does not make mistakes, there are no accidents. There are things in life that we do not intend on...things that we do not plan for, but these are not accidents.  They are unplanned events. Never once as parents did Jamie and I plan on having to bury a child. We planned on having children...we planned on raising them...we planned on being able to tuck them in every night and being able to teach them about God and life.  These were all things that we talked about...dreamed about...hoped for. Being told that our son was incompatible with life was NOT in our plans, but it was no accident.  The doctors told us that Eli's condition was a fluke. Fluke is defined as an accident or chance happening.  I do not believe that for one second.  God had a plan...a greater plan than ours.  He planned for Eli's condition.  God was not caught off guard like Jamie and I were.  He was prepared to guide and carry us through this difficult storm.  He was prepared to receive my son into His home.
What the doctors called a fluke was actually a life, a baby...one that I felt move and hiccup...a life that was so wanted and loved. Because it was a fluke, we were advised to terminate.  We were advised to take the life from the baby that we so desperately wanted and loved.  It was plainly and simply not my life to take and not my decision to make.  I would carry this baby...we would love this baby until God's plans were fulfilled. Well, we would love him long after...forever, but I guess I'm saying we would show him love until he left us.

So, what about that young girl that finds herself with child? Is that an accident? Is it a fluke and something that needs terminating? NO! It is the result of a decision that two people made to behave in a manner that they should not have. It is a life...one that is loved by God...one that someone would jump at the chance to love and raise. Is it unplanned?  Probably, but that does not mean that there should be an "easy" way out.

Think about this for a minute.  What if Mary had decided that being an unwed teenager who found herself pregnant was just too much?  What if she had rebelled against God and chosen to terminate her pregnancy? Now, I am well aware that her circumstances are completely different than those of other girls or even women in this situation. Mary's conception was immaculate.  She did not have premarital sex and find herself with child. God placed Jesus in her womb.  However, look at her situation.  I am sure the most difficult thing she has ever done was telling her parents that she was with child. Can you imagine her telling her fiance (Joseph) that she was pregnant? He knew the baby was not his. Had it not been for the angel of the Lord visiting him, he might never have believed Mary.  Do you imagine like I do, that she was a social outcast to many? I do not know for a fact, but I would imagine that even during those days there were ways of terminating unwanted pregnancies. I could be wrong.  I just do not know.  Imagine if there was though and Mary had exercised her freedom of "choice" in an adverse way.  Now, I know that God chose Mary because He knew she would be just the mother for His son that he wanted.  He knew she would love Jesus and raise him in his will and way.  He knew that even given the opportunity, Mary would not make bad choices where His son was concerned.

Every baby conceived is not as blessed.  There are ways for women and girls to avoid tough situations...to avoid responsibility to their actions. It is called abortion or termination.  It makes me sad and downright angry to think about. I think what makes me the most angry are the people who can get up on a daily basis and go to a clinic and perform abortions. They know what they are doing.  Many times abortion occurs from ignorance.  I have read story after story of women who said that if they could have seen that heartbeat flickering on the ultrasound screen they would have walked out with out terminating. Sometimes, I think these girls and women are so desperate to be rid of a problem that they can not think about what they are actually doing. That does not justify their decision.  I just think that many times especially young girls are lured in by the easy fix. 
Which brings me to my next thought.  Is abortion really "easy"?  I know that it can be a quick fix to a difficult problem physically.  What I am talking about is emotionally.  I know first hand that the grief of losing a baby can be unbearable. When a baby dies, it is permanent.  He or she is gone forever along with the hopes and dreams you had for that child. I imagine that once a woman or girl realizes exactly what she has done after terminating a pregnancy, she does grieve.  I do not know this for a fact, it is just what I think. It may take years for this grief to occur...it may take minutes for this grief to occur, but I think at some point it does.

Here is the most wonderful and awesome thing for these women.  God will forgive them if the seek him and ask for his forgiveness.  There is forgiveness to be found for every sin.  You just have to ask God for it. 

No pregnancy is an accident...No abortion is an accident.  They are both the result of decisions and choices. I encourage you to go to Youtube and watch the Silent Scream series on there.  It will touch you like nothing else.  Just know that some parts of the series are very hard and difficult to watch.

This week is Sanctity of Life Week.  Let's take a moment to remember the lives of those lost to abortion.  I leave you today with a video that I hope you take the time to watch.  It just shares a few facts about abortion. 

Much love,


  1. Jennifer,
    What a well written post! Amen!
    My husband and I have been actively involved in our local crisis pregnancy center for many years (teacher, board member, volunteer, etc). This subject is near and dear to my heart because I have seen first hand the emotional toil abortion has on women (and men)...many who suffer in silence for many years. And I have seen God's grace and love transform those same lives and heal hearts and families...

    Everything is filtered through the hands of God and there are no accidents...

    Hugs and blessings...Karen

  2. There is such a change that happens in each of us, when as a mother you set aside the fear, lay it at the foot of the cross, and accept God's plan for your life in full.

    Some would justify the termination of a child with fatal birth defect...

    But at the end of the day, it is not our place to choose. I have been amazed at the work God has done through my daughter's brief and "under valued" life. God has plans for EACH of us...plans to BLESS US, if we just trust in Him.

    To trust is not easy,
    but oh the ways God blesses us when we do!

    Eli and Amelia and Amelia have blessed my life beyond measure. We will never know the extent to which God has used them to spread His message of Salvation and Love. But I see the impact DAILY in my life because they lived.

    Blessings sweet friend!

  3. Great words! My best friends dad was a preacher, and his little boy had a very rare form of cancer. Every night he would pray for his son, and one night he had a dream (though he thinks it was more than a dream, as do I) that he was talking to God and asking Him why there wasn't a cure for cancer, God said that the child who was to find the cure had been aborted. You never know what kind of purpose you might be destroying when you make that "choice".

  4. Well said Jennifer! Your post mirrors my thoughts exactly..Each life is a gift from God, and there are no accidents. Wow..You really nailed this topic on the head! I have never done any prenatal testing because it didn't matter to me..That was the child God planned for me. I only had the testing with Aubree done because they saw something was wrong and wanted to be prepared for when she was born. Thinking of you and hoping you are doing well!

  5. I can say with truth that abortion is not an easy way out. Some may believe this and use it as BC but they are sadly mistaken. I think that abortion, whether you regret having one or not, changes a part of you forever. Some may deny it but I don't believe it. Having an abortion has opened my eyes to where before they were closed and judgmental. I thank God that I am not like that anymore, but I wish that I didn't have the firsthand knowledge.

    It had a big impact on my life. The grief that I felt for Jordan was more intense than anything I felt for Carleigh. I found a lot of healing through Jordan that I know helped me deal with my grief with Carleigh.

    I am thankful for God's love and forgiveness. And for the opportunity to share my story so that it may help others and perhaps helps someone choose life instead of death.

  6. My husband and I are both pro-lifers and our pregnancy provided an opportunity to show people exactly what the "life" in "pro-life" was. When Claire was 15 weeks, we had a 3D/4D ultrasound which showed her sucking her thumb. So many people were shocked to see a picture of a baby that small doing something that newborns, infants and toddlers do! We typically followed this up by explaining that it is legal to abort babies just like Claire, most people, even those that were pro-choice were appalled. I continue to share that image and the grief that I have experienced over the loss of her at 23 weeks in support of the lives of all babies from conception forward.