Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today is the first day of spring.
It is absolutely gorgeous outside today.  It is 80 degrees with sunshine and a little breeze.  I am not an outdoor-sey kind of person, but today, I want to be outside. The grass is greening up...Trees are beginning to bloom.  All of nature seems to be coming alive after a long winter's nap. I got out yesterday and pruned all of the dead foliage off of the Oleander, Hydrangeas, Roses, and Crepe Myrtles. I am excited to watch them "spring" to new life.

Spring is a time of renewal, which is why I guess, it is very fitting that my sweet, precious, little Amelia Claire is one year old today.  She was born on the first day of spring.  Her birthday will always be after a long cold winter.

I remember this day last year.  I remember the first time she filled my arms. It was such a beautiful fulfilling feeling after a long cold winter. Little Miss Amelia is one of the sweetest babies. She is so even tempered.  She rarely cries and is quick to give a kiss or hug.  She has the cutest, toothie little smile. She loves to eat and has not yet met a food the didn't like. The little stinker can crawl faster than most people can run.  She is pulling up and cruising around but just will not turn loose yet.  I think it is more of a confidence thing at this point.  I'm not rushing her because I know that walking will eventually turn into running. I think you know where I'm going with this.  This sweet little girl is just a blessing.  I have loved every single minute with her this last year and look forward to a lifetime more.
I'll leave you with a few pictures of sweet Amelia's first year.

Happy Birthday Amelia Claire!

Much love,


  1. <3 Amelia <3
    Happy Happy Birthday Miss Amelia!
    You are such a blessing to your wonderful mama!

  2. Jennifer, She is PRECIOUS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Amelia<3 <3....YOU are a WONDERFUL MAMA and I love reading your Blogs...Take Care...Audrey

    1. Happy Birthday to Amelia! What a wonderful birthday to have and so fitting for a special little girl!!

  3. Happy Birthday Amelia <3 <3 what a beautiful girl!

  4. she's so sweet! a happy 1st birthday to her!