Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In The Garden

Guest post written and typed by Cooper Hill

 A lot of things go in to planting a garden.  First you have to disk it twice to tear up all the grass and weeds. Then, you have to bottom plow it to turn over the soil and to get the good soil on top.  Next, you have to disk it again to make neat straight rows. It is now time to spray the garden to kill all the weeds and make sure they do not come back. Finally, you have to do the most fun and most pain in the rear end job! Planting it!

 Planting the garden is fun because it is hard work. It is a pain in the rear because you have to sit on the back of a solid steel planter and make sure the seeds stay where they will plant evenly.  You do not want any skips.  A skip is when there is not a seed where you want a seed.  To keep it from skipping you have to rake the seeds with your hand so the seeds will plant evenly.  Oh yeah, you do not want to get your finger caught doing this.  The planter looks like a small disk with seed buckets and a dirt packing wheel.  The dirt packing wheel packs dirt to bury the seeds.  It is important to bury the seeds in order keep them from washing away.

 It sounds like a lot of work and it is. You might want to keep this in mind before you try to do this yourself.  I am a country boy, so I like doing it.

I hope you enjoyed Cooper's take on planting the garden.  We are going to leave you with a few pictures of the garden and the farm.  The corn is not something that we planted as part of our garden.  It is just pretty and I wanted to include it.

Happy planting,
Cooper Hill


  1. I am totally impressed with Cooper Hill's blog post!!! Please tell him I am so glad he is a country boy & can not wait to try his vegetables this summer! He was very descriptive as well as informative. I also appreciate his safety tip (we all want to keep those fingers and toes). Congrats Coop! Great Job!

  2. Way to go Cooper! Get him blogging early :) Garden looks great, now drive for a day so you guys can get started on one for us ;)

  3. Aww! Good job on the garden and the blogging, Cooper!

  4. How sweet to let your son do a post. That is a great idea! I was blog hopping from Small birds and came across your blog. You have a really beautiful family. I am sorry to hear about your sweet Eli. Your garden is sooo beautiful! I really love gardens we now live in southern Ca and can not keep one. Great post Cooper!