Friday, June 25, 2010

In your mind's eye

We talked about heaven tonight at dinner. It was fun to listen to the kids talk about what they think heaven will be like. Truth is, no one really knows and that is just how God wants it. I'm alright with surprises for the most part. We always have favorite part of the day or favorite something time at dinner. Tonight's question from Cooper was what is your favorite picture in the house, which is in complete disarray much to my dismay. We are painting. My split pea green is going away :(, being replaced with a much more subdued color. Anyhow, back to Coop's question.  We all agreed that our favorite picture is this one.
It is the only picture of our entire family that we have. I love the tenderness on the boy's faces. This question turned from talking about pictures, to talking about Eli and then talking about heaven. Jay thinks Eli is probably fishing in heaven tonight. The conversation went from Eli fishing to are there fish in heaven...will we eat in heaven...will we sleep in heaven...Will mama and daddy live together in heaven (which I have a tough time with because the thought of not spending eternity with Jamie as my husband tears me up) and on and on. Jay suggested that we could just have sleep overs if we all did not live together. Ahh the minds of eight year olds. I think all of us have a picture in our mind's eye of heaven. My picture is a place of indescribable beauty. A calm, serene place that never knows darkness, complete with beaches, mountains and lush vegetation. Of course it's roads are paved with gold and there are many, many mansions. This makes me think of the song Mansions Over the Hilltop.

I'm looking forward to that mansion over the hilltop. I'm looking forward to falling at my God's feet and worshiping him face to face. I'm looking forward to seeing Eli and maybe fishing with him...for sure putting my arms around him and kissing his beautiful face. I long for the day that God wipes the tears from my eyes, never more to return. There are so many unknowns in this life...We are not guaranteed anything here on earth. We are however guaranteed eternity if we accept it.
How sweet it is!
Much love,


  1. Beautiful family picture! You will treasure it forever. Great family discussion!

  2. I think that picture is precious too...

    Heaven is the Face by SCC always tears me up, but I really, really relate to his words--"I know it's this and so much more...but Lord, I just can't see beyond that door..."

    I feel the same--sometimes I wish I KNEW a bit more about it and then maybe I wouldn't feel somewhat uneasy about it as I do now--like when people tell me, "Matthew's looking over you..." I know that's kind and sweet, and who am I to say they are wrong? That very well may be how Heaven works. But then I think, "But he's just a baby..not his can people in Heaven know of us without suffering themselves??" and my mind spins in wonder.

    So, I just pray at night that whatever it is like, however it is, I want the Lord to know I am homesick and cannot wait for the day.

    One glad morning....

  3. That is a beautiful picture of your family. I can see why it woulld be everyone's favorite:)

  4. Oh, and my husband and I wrnt to St. Augustine this weekend. I took a some photos of Eli's name in the sand. I will email them to you.