Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you?

It is a day that I am not likely to ever forget as long as I live. September 11, 2001, Jay was just three weeks old then and not sleeping much at night, so we slept in that morning.  I even turned the phone ringer off so he would not be woken up. Jamie had quietly gotten ready for work that morning and allowed us to remain asleep. I kept thinking I heard the phone in the kitchen ringing but was not sure. Finally, I decided to turn the ringer on the phone in the bedroom.  It occurred to me that something might be wrong with someone. Maybe a few seconds after turning the ringer on, Jamie, called to tell me that I had to get up and turn the television on. Of course, I asked why, and he just said, "Turn the TV on."  I was not prepared for what I was about to see. I turned the television on just in time to see the first tower collapse. I held my three week old baby close the rest of that day and stared at the horrifying pictures of utter devastation.
The days following were days filled with disbelief, numbness of a country, prayer like I have rarely seen, and patriotism displayed like never before. I love this country that we live in. I was proud to be an American in those days and weeks following that day. I am always proud to be an American, just more proud those days.
History Channel has been running all day coverage of that horrific event. I have had it on most of the day and Jamie finally asked me, "Why are you watching this?" My answer was simple. I think we need to remember. As a country we have become complacent in our everyday lives. We need to be reminded of the tragedy of that day. The loved ones of those lost have daily reminders of that event. They will never "get over it". They live without every second of every day because hate exists.
This year, I realize as much as I miss my baby boy, there were parents nine years ago today that received the most devastating news of their lives. There were spouses, children, siblings, friends...all that had their hearts ripped out.  There were firemen and policemen that will forever be haunted by those events. There were onlookers that saw others take their own lives to avoid being burned alive.
I will always remember that day.

Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?
Much love,


  1. I was home and had turned on the news to watch the weather before college. I was brushing my teeth and then came into the living room and saw the first plane crash into the World Trade center. Then before I left the second plane hit. I drove to college listening to all the coverage on the radio and then at school so many people were crying and all the tvs had coverage on. All my classes were canceled that day. It was a scary scary day.

  2. I was alseep, I had worked the night before. Jon called and told me to turn the tv on. I remember feeling like I was in a daze the rest of the as I stared at the t.v. Nine years later, I still can't believe that it happened. It still makes me so angry and sad for those people and their families.

  3. I was sitting in my current events class in high school. I called home because my brother just signed up for the Navy, he had called and told the recruiters that he would leave sooner than planned for bootcamp. I remember teachers crying and did not fully understand the impact until later that day. I will never forget where I was and how it felt that day!

  4. I have definitely reflected even more regarding September 11 since losing Lilly. This post brought tears to my eyes. My FIL, oldest son (then barely 3 months shy of turning 1yr old) and I were in the living room of my In-laws house and my then 17 year old SIL walked down the stairs and told us what happened and we turned on the TV. I remember feeling so shocked and just saddened by the loss of so much life. I agree we need to remember as hard as it is, we need to remember.

  5. I was in my classroom and my principal called me in and told me what happened and told me I had to go home...John was on deployment and I lived on base and we were advised to get back ASAP. I was terrified until I heard from John...and then terrified until he got home, months later than he was supposed to but I was so grateful anyway.

    You are right...too many people forget and it breaks my heart.

    I know we will NEVER forget!