Monday, April 18, 2011

Part II - Amelia's Birth Story

Sorry it has taken me so long to finish this....but here it is. As Paul Harvey says, " Here is the rest of the story."

I had been taken from recovery to the postpartum wing of the hospital.  I would have a new room and a new nurse and I was hopeful that Amelia would be waiting for me when I was settled in.  Amelia, as you know by now, was not waiting for me.  My new nurse was not so new.  Once again, I had another familiar face caring for me.  When I had Eli, my daytime nurse was P.  P would be my nurse again.  It was so comforting to see her walk in that room. She was the nurse that when I had Eli, would come in my room and encourage me to eat, pick up my room, and was just a strong, quiet presence. She made sure I had plenty of cranberry juice because she knew I liked it.  She knew there was nothing she could say to ease my hurt and she did not even try. She was just there and I appreciate her for that.  Needless to say, I was so glad to see her again. 
So, once everyone got to see Amelia, they left.  Jamie had come home to prepare clothes and such for the kiddos and that is when the doctor chose to come in to my room to talk to me.  I say everyone had left and that is not Sister in law and her precious family were still there and my friend Amy had also come in.  They just were not in the room when the doctor came in.  It was just me and the doctor. He explained to me that Amelia was having some respiratory distress and that her white blood count was elevated.  They were going to keep her in the NICU to give her antibiotics and monitor her.  There was some concern about her developing pneumonia.  At this point I had a huge wave of emotions wash over me.  Was this really happening?  What did all of this mean?  P came into the room about that time...I think she knew I needed someone there.  I remember looking at the doctor and telling him that I really was trying to hold it together but I just couldn't anymore.  Pam slipped quietly over to me and got us both some tissue.  The doctor knew that we had lost Eli a year before and he tried to assure me that this was not going to end that way.  He told me that in a few days Amelia should be fine but they just were not taking any chances.  He ended the conversation in a way I do not think any doctor ever has.  He told me that he would be praying for Amelia and then he came over to my bedside and hugged my neck.
Needless to say, I was really freaked out.  I called Jamie to let him know what was going on and could barely get through the conversation.  I was just plain scared out of my mind that God would take her too. Tina, Jamie's sister came in after the doctor left and sat and prayed with me.  She was wonderful...well she is wonderful.  It seemed like an eternity until Jamie finally arrived back.  I just needed his arms and presence.  P, my nurse thought to bring in a pump for me to use because I would not be able to nurse Amelia. She also got me a dose of Benadryl because I was itching uncontrollably (reaction to the pain meds). It was getting close to shift change by now and I did not want to see P go, but was blessed with another wonderful nurse.
I was beside myself because my baby was not with me and I could not go see her.  My nighttime nurse knew this and around 10:00 that evening she came into my room wheeling a wheelchair.  She looked at me and asked me did I think I could get up and get in the chair with help.  She had a plan... we were going to the NICU to see my baby girl.  She and Jamie got me all comfy in the chair and off we went.  I got to see her and even hold her once we got there.  It really helped to calm my fears just to be able to see her.  We spent about thirty minutes visiting with her and I calmed some.  Jamie went back a couple of more times during the night to check on her and delivered updates to me each time.
The nurses in the NICU told us that we could come down whenever we wanted to see Amelia.  Jamie went once again before he went to work Monday morning.  I got up showered and later went down myself.  I was allowed to feed Amelia during this visit and talk to the doctor since he was making his rounds. This would start a schedule for the next few days of visiting the nursery every three hours to visit and feed our sweet baby girl.  I was not about to miss on single visit.  I got up and walked all the way from the post partum wing to the L&D wing each visiting time.  I grew very fond of the nurses in the nursery.  They are a special group of people. On Amelia's second night in the NICU the nurses had to relocate her IV because her little vein blew.  They were not able to find another vein in her arms or legs, so they had to put it in her head.  When Jamie and I went down for our 11:00 pm visit, the nurses stopped us and told us that they had put a hat on her because they had to put the IV in her head and did not want to freak us out.  Well, once we were washed up and made our way over to see her I noticed that not only had the sweet nurses put a hat on her for us, they had taken the time to "doll" the hat up a little.  They had cut the bottom off of it because it was too big and use the excess material to make the cutest little bow.  They then attached the bow to the front of the hat.  She looked adorable.  I will always keep our precious little custom made hospital hat. How sweet of those ladies to think of how we would react to seeing an IV in Amelia's head and protect us from that!!
There are so many examples of kindness that all of the nurses showed us.  L, another one of our nurses we had with Eli was there for two nights also.  She was not my nurse, but she did check in on us.  J, my daytime nurse for two days was equally as wonderful.  These ladies really are a wonderful team and special group...ALL of them. 
Tuesday evening it was evident that something big was about to happen at the hospital by the hustle and bustle around the halls.  We learned that 9 inductions had been scheduled for the next day and that did not even account for walk in deliveries. By Wednesday morning the nursery was a madhouse.  The hallways were filled with hurried people.  There was a temporary nursery set up and it was filled.  At this point, when I went in for my visits, I washed up, went over and unhooked Amelia from the monitor and went about my business of feeding her.  Then I brought her back, hooked her back up and went to my room to wait for my next visit.  My next visit was when she was brought to my room to stay with me.  I cried tears of relief once she was with me! I was going to be allowed to room in with Amelia Wednesday night, but because of all of the deliveries during the day, no one was really sure where they would put us.  We were told that we would stay in the room we were already in.  Then we were told we were moving.  Then we were staying. Then we were moving.  It was finally decided around 3:00 or 4:00 that afternoon that we would be moving down closer to the nursery so Amelia would be close to her nurse if needs be.  P was my nurse again Wednesday.  I was happy to see her. She was not supposed to work but was called in. Once it was decided where we were going, P came in with my release papers and a cart so we could move all of our things to the new room.  I hugged her and thanked her. We were then taken to our other room and got settled in.  Amelia's nurse walked in and I was so delighted to see that is was E, the same nurse that was Eli's nurse. It was wonderful to see her again and more wonderful that she would be Amelia's nurse for the night.  Have I mentioned what a special place Jackson's Hospital is?  At least the 4th floor is a pretty special place.
Thursday was going home day for Miss Amelia and her mommy. Amelia's nurse on Thursday was such a sweetheart.  She helped us get ready to go home, took a picture for us and even shared pictures of here children with us.  P came by to visit just once more before we left and say goodbye.  She asked us if we would be back in a couple of more years...Kinda caught us by surprise with that questions.  We told her we might come by to visit but probably not for another extended stay.
Finally, finally, was time to go home.  Amelia was dressed in her going home outfit and we were more than ready to go home.  Amelia's nurse walked out with us and made sure we were all loaded up then hugged my neck and bid us farewell. we went to start our new life as a family of seven with one in heaven.

Much love,


  1. :) Thanks for sharing the rest of this story with us! Amelia is a very special baby.
    Big Hugs to my very favorite family of seven!

  2. What wonderful nurses. I am glad you are all home together with Eli in your hearts <3.

  3. So glad to hear the rest of the story! And how special to have familiar faces around you at the hospital. Your family of seven with one in heaven is just beautiful, Jennifer. Hugs to you!

  4. Even though I knew "the end of the story", I couldn't wait to read it. Love hearing the details of the blessing. Love you all!

  5. Thanks for sharing the rest of the story. Your comment at the end - "Family of seven with one in heaven" really touched me. I may just have to borrow that when our new little one arrives. So happy for you!

  6. It took me 2 days to get through this because I kept getting pulled from the computer! So happy she is home and healthy :) Looking forward to watching your family grow up :)

  7. Jennifer,
    So glad you took the time to write down Amelia's birth story. I really enjoyed reading it this morning. I love how God put the right people in place for you delivery.

    Your family picture is so beautiful! Brings joy to my heart!!
    Look forward to reading more posts...

  8. Such a beautiful family! And I can see past the "look" of your six person picture, and know that there is one more sweet little boy there with you. I see your wonderful family of seven. <3 CONGRATS!! WELCOME AMELIA!!!