Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A God Send!

I have a story to tell you tonight.  A story about how God puts you where you belong for certain times in your life and allows you to be where you are needed...

A couple of weeks before Eli was born my mama told me about a "girl" (my mama's word) in our small town who was pregnant with a baby who also was having kidney issues.  How could that be? We live in small town USA and that was just unfathomable.  This sweet mama lived on the same street as a friend of mine.  I asked my friend and sure was true.  The situation for our babies was completely different.  Her son had a blockage that would not allow the fluid to flow through like it should. There were procedures that could be done to correct this though and there was hope that they would bring their son home.  I asked my friend to set up a meeting between us and she did.  We were supposed to get together February 15th but could not because we had snow the week before and she had to make up a missed appointment with her doctor.  We decided to meet on a later date...
Thursday of that week this precious mama went into labor and gave birth to her son, William.  William went to heaven that day...
Sunday, I went into labor and gave birth to my son, Eli.  Eli went to heaven that day...
I had no idea that William had been born and died until the following week.  The day before Eli's funeral, I finally got to talk to William's mommy on the phone.  We talked about our sons and decided to meet sometime the next week. 

Eli was born and died right in the middle of tax season, which is Jamie's super busy time at work since he is a CPA.  Jamie was able to take off one week and one day to be home.  He felt so torn during that time.  He knew he was needed at work, but he also knew he was need more at home and you know...he needed to be able to grieve his son.  His work was just wonderful about this.  They told him to do whatever he needed to do and not worry about work.  He still felt torn...that's just Jamie. So, the Tuesday after Eli's service Jamie decided to return to work for partial days. 
I'll never forget that morning as long as I live...
When Jamie left to take the kiddos to school and go to work, I melted into a puddle in our laundry room.  I felt more lonely than I ever in my life had felt. I felt weak, vulnerable, and just downright awful. I cried like it was the first time I had ever cried.  It was ugly. Jamie called to check on me and I tried with all of my might to be brave and not let him know how terrible I was doing.  I didn't hide much from him.  He called my mama. She called me. I couldn't hold it together anymore. She told me to get a bath and get dressed.  She was coming to get me and take me to work with her.  She owns a tearoom here in town and I could sit in the kitchen or help out or whatever I needed to do.  I told her I was not up to going anywhere.  She told me I didn't have a choice because she was on her way and I'd better be ready.  She totally pulled the "I am you mother and you will do what I say even if your are 36" card on me. I am thankful that she did!
In the midst of all this, my new friend Christi called me.  We decided to get together for lunch that day.  She was going to come up to my mama's place and we would finally meet.  I knew her when she walked in and we embraced like old friends reuniting. We were both in excruciating pain, physically and emotionally. My mama set up one of the dining rooms for us and we sat for hours talking about our boys...our pregnancy... their memorial services.  We talked, we cried, we shared and thus a beautiful friendship...sisterhood was born. 
Our situations were so much alike.  We both had unexpectedly gone into labor and had to be rushed to Montgomery.  We both had emergency c-sections and were put to sleep. We both had beautiful baby boys that I know are playing together in Heaven as I type. I love my friend!
This past year and four months has been more like years.  My sweet friend is moving this week. I am sad...
She gets it...When it was fresh for was fresh for her. We took turns drawing strength from each other.
She is now pregnant with her rainbow baby.  I am beyond happy for her. I am so sad that she will be so far away and I will miss so much with this sweet baby! I so wish that Amelia and her little guy could grow up together.
I'm not good with change.  I'm worse with goodbye.  Christi's hubbie is military so I knew this was coming.  I have just put it out of my mind.  I didn't want to think about it.  It's here now and I am sad!
I know without a doubt that God put them in small town USA for a reason.  He knew what they would face while living here.  He knew that we would need each other.  Not to mention the fact that she has a precious little girl that Lucie Rose adores.
I have not blogged about my friend before because William's story is hers to tell and I did not want to infringe on that.  However, I do feel that William's and Eli's stories are intertwined in a way.  I guess that is how I want to say it...I feel like our boys are at the root of our friendship.
We had a going away party/baby shower this past week for my precious friend and her family. It rained...Then this happened...

Yep, that's a double rainbow. Total God wink!

I am going to miss you like crazy my sweet friend! Good luck and Godspeed!

Much love,


  1. Awww! I'd say I can't believe the double rainbow God wink but truth is I am not surprised one bit. ;)

    What a special bond the two of you share and how difficult to say goodbye.

    Thank you so much for sharing this special friendship with us!


  2. Wow! the double rainbow is amzing! That had to be a God wink:) I am sorry your friend has to move. I am sure you have a bond that miles can't break. ((hugs))

  3. I'm so sorry your friend is moving. I wish that she could stay! I'm sure you two have such a bond and I hate to see that separated physically with distance. I know you will keep in touch but it isn't the same with not being able to meet up. I am glad that you had each other to lean on during such tough times. A true friend!

  4. So touching. I love how God gives us these tender mercies in the times of our greatest sorrow. I too was blessed with such a friend that helped carry me through my pain. What a blessing!