Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fourth in Photos

I have not done very many photo blogs but this time the pictures just speak for themselves. We made a weekend out of the fourth and had a great time with wonderful family and friends. So, I thought I'd share our weekend in a Photo blog. I hope you enjoy!
Jamie and Jay about to take the "wave runner" for a spin. Folks this is not a jet ski, right Opa?

Cooper after a ride. He's toting around the wind blown look!

Faceless person here to be left unnamed for fear everyone will want her autograph.  I will tell you she is one of four beautiful girls I call niece!

Jamie and Amelia.  She is not diggin' the water.

Still not diggin' it AT.ALL!

Jay tubing!

Lucie Rose is my little water bug! Much unlike her mama who does not dig water in which she can not see the bottom. Therefore, I will take photos of everyone else enjoying it! I had fun too!

Not too much cuter than a naked baby! She was hot.
Now this is my kinda water.  I know what is at the bottom. Amelia is likin' it pretty well also.
My super duper Cooper!
I LOVE those goggles.  They crack me up.
Splish, splash I was taking a bath in my itsy bitsy yellow polka dot (not) bikini.
Running man in reverse off the diving board.
I LOVE this picture of "D Baby" about to belly flop! He is so darn cute!

She loves cake (which is just icing).
Will it make the mouth????? You Bet!

Is she not just delicious!

The goggles again just because I needed to laugh again!

I love the sun reflecting off of the water here...

and here...

LR and "D Baby" having a snack before the fireworks.

This is what my camera flash does to her. Could those eyes get any bigger? Could she get any more adorable? You bet not!

...and they begin...

...and he loved them

...and so did I!
Them...not so much!

Me...I think they are great!

She does too! She was glued to them.

I hope everyone had a very blessed 4th.

Much love,


  1. Great shots! What a wonderful weekend. I adore Amelia's bathing suit!