Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Love Really Means: Day 9 and (insert drumroll) a giveaway!

I do not know about you but all of the amazing giveaways have me crossing my fingers!

Sorry this is so late today.  I have just spent the better part of three hours in the doctor's office with my oldest munchkin, Jay.  He has strep throat and I am pretty sure after leaving the doctor we could be contaminated with something else.  Keeping my fingers crossed about that also and hoping no one's cough, sneeze, or whatever germs could reach us. So......without further delay, today's love blog was written by Jessica.  I had never been to Jessica's blog, so it was nice to visit a new space and read what love means to her. Jessica is also having a really cool giveaway.  So click on over and show her some love!

I also wanted to tell Anonymous that I LOVE the VALENTINE acrostic!  That is really cool.  If you are wondering, check back on the comments from yesterday's blog post.  It is a great use of John 3 :16!

Much love,

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