Saturday, August 6, 2011

Where's the Well?

I'm gonna brag a little bit.  I have four very incredible nieces. LeAnn, Katie, Rachel, and Joy are their names.  They belong to my wonderful Sister-in-law, Tina and Brother-in-law, Ryan.  They truly are amazing young ladies.  This past Saturday night we went to a performance that all four of them and Tina were in.  The title of the play was Found at the Well.  It was just simply fantastic. It basically chronicled three women in the bible that found their mates at the well and married, then the woman that met Jesus at the well.  The entire cast did a terrific job but I have to say my nieces rocked the show, and Tina too.


LeAnn and Rachel



I am here to tell you, the well used to be "the" hangout, didn't it? Were it not for the modern convenience of running water, which I am SO thankful for, I'd say it might be kinda cool to have a town well. I can just imagine the married women gathering around the well to have some adult conversation while the smaller children were running around playing.  Then, I can imagine the younger, unmarried ladies chatting about who the cutest fella around town might have been. Maybe a little harmless flirting occurred from time to time between the young ladies and young men.  All of this in the name of drawing water for the family or animals.

This all made me think about how cool it would have been if I'd have met Jamie at "the well".  Then again, I'd miss the modern convenience of running water. How cool would it be to gather every morning to chit chat with peers?  I can see myself drawing water for my family, my hair blowing in the wind, and chivalrous Jamie coming to drawing the water for me...sweeping me off my feet (while the water vessel falls to the ground spilling the family water.)

I guess it could have worked out that my father went to the well to find a husband for me.  That is one scary thought.  Let's not go there.

What if while at the well, I met Jesus!  Now that is a humbling thought. Then again shouldn't we meet Jesus everyday?

I wish that everyone could have seen my sweet nieces and sister-in-law in the play.  It was really terrific!

Much love,


  1. It is kind of cool to think of a gathering place like the well. I don't think people gather together enough anymore. (Maybe blogging is kind of like our gathering, though!) Of course, I'm with you....would totally miss running water!! ;)

  2. awwww! Thanks aunt Jennifer! You are too sweet! So glad you got to come!!! :)