Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where in the World is Carmen San Diago

Updated:  My sweet, adorable, puppy-like (when he is sick), wonderful, incredible, fearless, hungry, dimpley, long fingery, longer toey, always patient, kind, thoughtful husband just informed me that my post title made no sense.  Well it made perfect sense when I posted it.  Still does.....sorta. "My point," I informed him, "was to tell where we had been and what we had been up to." I can see why HE might have gotten confused though.  I don't always make sense. In fact, I told someone last night that my new baby was a boy.  What the Whaaaattt?

Or the Hill's if you don't mind, thank you...

This past weekend Jamie, Amelia, and I had the amazing pleasure of seeing Selah in concert and Angie Smith speak.  Jamie and I have loved Selah from the beginning.  They are so dynamic.  I was heart broken when Nicole decided to leave to stike out on her own.  She, her brother (Todd Smith) and Allan Hall all complimented each other so well. I actually told Jamie that I was not going to listen to them anymore...sigh.  Then I heard the "girl" that took Nicole's place sing.  I was wrong in thinking that it couldn't get any better.  Amy Perry wowed me from the beginning.  Each of the members of Selah have their own unique sound and those sounds combine to make one amazingly talented group.  I love to hear them and could listen to their music all day. 

Most people know that Angie and Todd lost a baby girl just after she was born.  If you have not read Audrey's story you can read it here.  Angie is a just as dynamic a writer and speaker as Selah is a musical group.  I have heard her story and read it several times, but hearing it in person was...just wow.  She made me laugh.  She made me cry.  She made me stop and think.  She took me back to similar moments that we have experienced. 

We had the even more wonderful pleasure of meeting Angie and the members of Selah after the benefit was over.  They are just everyday ordinary real people who have chosen to allow themselves be used of God.  And my oh my, how God is using them.  He has given them talents and stories. He has given them all the necessary tools to work for His kingdom. I enjoyed taking a few minutes to talk with each of them.  It was a tremendous blessing and neat experience for Jamie and I both. 

If you love great music like I do, then you should at the very least check out Selah's website.  Take a listen.  I promise you will like what you hear. 

Much love,


  1. What great pictures!!! I am so glad y'all had such a great Saturday night. Their music is amazing. I can only imagine how wonderful the concert was!

  2. I am beyond jealous..I wanted to go to the Women of Faith Tour in our area just to hear her speak because her book was such an integral part of my healing, but I won't be able to due to my due date being way too close to when they will be bummed, but I am so hopeful that I will get to meet her and thank her some day..

  3. So stinkin jealous! Oh how I wanted to go, I know we would have had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  4. How awesome! and I too, am jealous!

  5. Wow, wow wow!!! So cool! I'm glad you got to have such a special experience meeting all of them!