Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where faith and fear collide

I started this post last night and just could not stay up to finish it.  So, I decided I'd finish it in the morning (today), but before I could even think about getting my laptop out chaos ensued around here.  LR woke up feeling a bit yucky.  She told me her tummy hurt and I just did not pay much attention to the fact that she was not up playing but instead laying in the recliner. That is until Jay started yelling that she was throwing up.  Now, those who know me, know that I don't mind cleaning dirty diapers and such, but if you put me around someone throwing up...well I'm liable to throw up with them.  I put on my big girl panties this morning, held my breath, threw LR in the tub, and cleaned up the mess along with spraying Lysol.  Amelia was asleep for most of this, but woke up before I got Lucie out of the tub.  She was hungry.  She cries when she is hungry. Today, she screamed.  Cooper was trying to deal with her while I dealt with LR.  LR decided that she wanted to wear a specific skirt after bathing and nothing else would do.  I couldn't find said skirt. More chaos...In the midst of all that was going on, I

Then I literally said out loud, "Deep breaths, Jennifer." Which I followed with a deep breath.  Then I prayed.  I said, "Lord you have to take control of this situation because, I can't control it.  I'm losing more and more control by the second.  Please Lord!" I desperately need his firm, calming hand in that moment. 

He delivered.  In the second after I prayed, I literally put my hand on the skirt LR wanted and Amelia's cry went from a scream to just a cry.  I took another deep breath and thanked Him for his intervention then went on handling what needed to be done.  

Are my prayers always answered that fast?  Nope, they are not. God knew my sanity was a stake this time!  He knows my every need and provides according to His plans.  

He spoke to me yesterday! He spoke in Sunday school...in the song service...in the sermon.  He tailored it all for me. I'm sure not just me, but you know sometimes is seems that way.  He brought this verse to mind. 

Philippians 4:6
6Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

One of my most difficult struggles is anxiety or fear.  I have learned to just bath it in prayer because no matter how hard I try, I cannot control it.  I cannot control when my face starts burning, my heart rate increases, I have those dreaded palpation's, I break out in a cold sweat and I cannot sleep. I detest anxiety and all of the awful things it does to my body.   I despise how emotions can control your entire being. 

Maybe this  is rational, maybe it is not...but I feel like when I am anxious, I need to up the faith a little or a lot.  I do have faith and trust in God.  Sometimes I just cannot control those anxious feelings and it leaves me frustrated with myself. I never had to deal with anxiety before Eli.  Sure, I had moments where I got in a tizzy about things that were going on.  I am talking about daily anxiety.  Anxiety that reaches you to the core and shakes you up. I have had my fair share of it in the last (almost) two years. When we found out that Eli had Potter's it all began.  I had just about gotten past the worst of it when we found out we were pregnant with Amelia.  Then it just started all over again. I literally was anxious complete with racing heart, palpitations, and sleeplessness until we had our level II scan with Amelia. 

So today the anxiety is not as bad and does not overcome me like it used to.  It is not a daily experience but I do still battle it on occasions. We were talking about needing to be in control of situations in Sunday school, Sunday morning and how losing control causes anxiety.  It made me stop and wonder.  First of all, I know that everyone has struggles and sometimes those struggles lend way to anxiety.  But I wonder what would happen if instead of losing control of situations, we handed control over to God first.  It is so hard to ask for help isn't it? I struggle so much with this.  I don't want to be a bother even to God.  Am I the only one who has this struggle?  Am I the only one that gets frustrated by anxiety? Am I the only one who can not control anxiety? 
This is where fear and faith collide...in my life at least.

Much love,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Nutshell

I am just feeling reflective tonight.  In a month or so Lucie Rose will be 4 and Jay will be 10.  Ten...my how the years have flown. How do I have a ten year old?

He loves to talk.  He is an old soul.  He'd often times rather talk with adults than children.  He is super smart and never forgets anything. Jamie was reading to them the other night and a "big" word came up.  Jamie asked them if they knew what it meant and Jay popped out with a literal dictionary definition of the word.  It was evidently one of his Wordly Wise words during the school year.  He remembered it and quoted it verbatim. The boy can talk.  He talks all of the time to anyone who will listen or act like they are listening.  I love him to pieces. He is so loving and sweet. He can not stand to hurt any one's feelings. If he gets hurt, he just deals with it and goes on with his business.  Everything rolls off of his back so to speak.  He lets very little bother him.  I wish I was more like that. Did I mention that the boy loves to talk? He does.  I think he would talk to the wall if he remotely thought it would listen.  He has preacher potential...or politician potential (Although, I hope he stays away from politics.)...or salesman potential. He is a good kid. I love him so!

Stubborn, stubborn, and more stubborn. When Coop digs his heals in, you'd better brace yourself for a battle of wills. He is a huge Mama's boy. It melts my heart!  He would never in this lifetime admit it, but he tries to be like his daddy quite often. He is in that in between stage of boy and tween. He still likes to play dress up and pretend.  Just today he was a cowboy.  He still plays with his toy tractors and trucks in the yard. He would never admit it to other boys his age though.  He is a very smart boy.  He is an excellent and easy student unless he decides he does not want to complete an assignment. Then he digs his heals in.  I dig mine in further. I am quick to tell him that you can not out stubborn Mama! Man, I love him! If I had a shy child, it would be Cooper, at least until he gets to know you. He loves to draw and is pretty good at it too.  He loves to draw heavy equipment like tractors, eighteen wheelers, bulldozers and such. He makes my heart smile big!

Lucie Rose
Where to begin with this little drama queen.  Just last night when Jamie was dressing her for bed, she decided she did not want to wear what he had picked out.  She and Jamie went back and forth a little while and then Jamie said, " Lucie, this is what you are wearing and that is final, so no more arguing." About a minute later she started again and before Jamie could scold her, she stopped Jamie with a smile upon her face and said, "Daddy, I'm just acting." That story personifies sweet Lucie Rose. She loves to act and pretend.  She puts on her tutu or play dress to perform for us daily.  I love her "plays" as she calls them.  She is all girl with a little fight in her.  How could she not have fight?  She has two very rough and tumble brothers. She loves shoes and purses and is very opinionated about what she wears in one breath and then she is putting her brothers in their place in the next breath.  She is a total and complete daddy's girl. She thinks her daddy can walk on water. She can say some of the darnedest things sometimes.  I just do not know where she gets it? She is my prissy little thing and I love her so very much.

He was a true gift from God.  I miss him with every fiber of my being.  My arms still ache for him. I wanted to know him and to show him how much I love him. He was so beautiful. I am sure he would be running around and talking by now. I wish that I could picture what life would be like if he were still here. I can't...it hurts not to be able to imagine his place as a toddler. All of my children have been so different and I'm sure he would have been his own little unique person.  His timeline would have been his, so I cannot even gauge "where he would be" right now.  I love him, love him, love him nonetheless.

She is laid back and even tempered.  She is both a mama and daddy's girl. She is so precious.  She eats good and sleeps good.  She is very quick to smile and what a smile it is! It melts me to see those huge hazel eyes light up and that sweet grin to form on her lips. She is in every way a great baby! When I was pregnant with her, my grandmother told me that while she would never replace Eli, Amelia would be a balm to soothe our souls.  That has proven true in many ways. I love having a baby in the house again. I love watching her learn new things and show us her tricks. She is reaching now and trying to figure out how to hold things.  She just cannot quite figure out how to make those hands cooperate like she wants to.  It is so neat to see her trying to figure it all out.  I love being a part of that. We are all just smitten with her. I love her from the top of her tiny little bald head to the tip of her itsy bitsy little toes.

That in a nutshell is our family.  Jamie and I have learned so much from these children God has blessed us with.  I never knew the extent of a parents love before.  I would sacrifice every single thing just for them. I can't even remember what life was like before them.  It is as if they have always been and always will be.

Much love,

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fourth in Photos

I have not done very many photo blogs but this time the pictures just speak for themselves. We made a weekend out of the fourth and had a great time with wonderful family and friends. So, I thought I'd share our weekend in a Photo blog. I hope you enjoy!
Jamie and Jay about to take the "wave runner" for a spin. Folks this is not a jet ski, right Opa?

Cooper after a ride. He's toting around the wind blown look!

Faceless person here to be left unnamed for fear everyone will want her autograph.  I will tell you she is one of four beautiful girls I call niece!

Jamie and Amelia.  She is not diggin' the water.

Still not diggin' it AT.ALL!

Jay tubing!

Lucie Rose is my little water bug! Much unlike her mama who does not dig water in which she can not see the bottom. Therefore, I will take photos of everyone else enjoying it! I had fun too!

Not too much cuter than a naked baby! She was hot.
Now this is my kinda water.  I know what is at the bottom. Amelia is likin' it pretty well also.
My super duper Cooper!
I LOVE those goggles.  They crack me up.
Splish, splash I was taking a bath in my itsy bitsy yellow polka dot (not) bikini.
Running man in reverse off the diving board.
I LOVE this picture of "D Baby" about to belly flop! He is so darn cute!

She loves cake (which is just icing).
Will it make the mouth????? You Bet!

Is she not just delicious!

The goggles again just because I needed to laugh again!

I love the sun reflecting off of the water here...

and here...

LR and "D Baby" having a snack before the fireworks.

This is what my camera flash does to her. Could those eyes get any bigger? Could she get any more adorable? You bet not!

...and they begin...

...and he loved them

...and so did I!
Them...not so much!

Me...I think they are great!

She does too! She was glued to them.

I hope everyone had a very blessed 4th.

Much love,