Monday, March 21, 2011

Miss Amelia Claire Hill has made her arrival!

Amelia Claire Hill
March 20, 2011
10:59 am
6lbs 12 oz
19 1/2 inches long

Amelia came at 36 weeks and 2 days, so she was a little early. Because she was early, she has had some respiratory issues and remains in the NICU. She is on an antibiotic because her white blood count was elevated.  Please pray that she will get to come home when I do.  I know that if I have to leave her I will. I will do what is best for her.  I just do not want to go home without her. I am completely overjoyed and in love with this sweet baby girl.  Thank you all for your prayers.

Much love,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby...or no baby...

Is she coming, or is she going to camp out a little while longer? That is the twenty million dollar question. I have been having contractions on and off now for a little over a month.  I have had to have three shots to stop them and the doctor prescribed some medication to help at home. The medication is no longer effective.  I am having contractions even with it. I was 36 weeks yesterday, so chances are it would be fine if Miss Amelia decided to make her appearance.  However, I'd like her to hang out for just a little while longer except with out the contractions. For the last three days, I have really had some doozies. Jay, my oldest came at 37 weeks, Cooper came at 36 weeks, Lucie Rose came at 39 weeks, and Eli came at 32 weeks. So, given my previous history, it could be any day now or no time soon. 
I have been a nesting crazy woman here lately.  My garage is in tip top shape.  My back porch got a much needed cleaning. I am loving the smell of Clorox, Lemon Pledge, Lemon Pine sol, and Fantastic in my house. Believe it or not I only have one....yes, I said one load of laundry that needs to be done.  The closets even got a touch up.  Whewww, I'm tired just thinking about it...
Did I mention that I have now hit the really tired phase of the third trimester.  The last couple of days my energy level has been at zero. I even was able to sneak in a nap while LR napped yesterday. Although I was frustrated at myself for going to sleep, it felt good to shut my eyes for a few minutes.
So, the question is...... When will our little princess make her appearance??? As I was typing this I had three really good contractions that were in my lower back.
What do you think?  Leave your predictions in the comment section, just for fun!!!

Much love,

Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayer request! Update

Thank you for your prayers.  I was really nervous but I think things went pretty well.  I did cry, but I did not lose it completely. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share God's love and faithfulness during this storm!

This is just a very quick post to ask for prayer for me tonight.  I will be sharing my testimony to an audience tonight and I ask that you please pray that God would speak through me.  From the beginning of Eli's story, we have asked that only the Lord would be glorified through it.  Now I have an opportunity to share and hopefully touch others.  Please pray for this to happen.  I will speak around 7:00 pm tonight.  Plus, pray that my nerves will calm and not get the best of me!

Much love,

Monday, March 7, 2011

Links With Winks!

Back in November, I shared with you this post about where Amelia's name came from.  Well today my sweet friend, Melissa, shared some pretty wonderful news on her blog.  Melissa is expecting her rainbow and today she found out the gender of her baby. She tells a very incredible story about his name here. I am so in awe of how God has worked in the lives of two women who have never met face to face but have a bond because of circumstance...because God led us to one another!

I want to share a little more of this HUGE wink from God that Melissa did not share in her blog.  Melissa sent me an email with an extra wink that I wanted to share with you. 
As you know our third baby girl's name is Lucie and the corresponding name on this list is...Eli the name of our forth child nonetheless. 
I love a good wink from God and this series of winks is amazing!

Much love,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I've never been "gotten" before today!

So, my oldest child is the nosiest person you will ever meet.  He can not help it.  He just has a very natural inquisitiveness that causes him to want to know everything.  Sometimes, it just bugs drives me nuts.  But, I know where he gets it from.  ME!  It is very hard to admit that folks.  Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am nosey.  There, I said it and you know what? I don't feel better having admitted it.  I usually find out just about everything beforehand.  Due to this insanity, I am rarely surprised., I was completely and utterly surprised.  A group of very near and dear people got a huge one over on me.  They threw a shower for Amelia. Honestly, it is my fifth child and I never dreamed about a shower for her.
My sister, the little sneaky pete that she is, called me yesterday and asked me if I would be willing to help my mom with a wedding shower that she was catering at her tea room.  My mom has regular help but this was supposedly a last minute thing that my mom was going to do for a friend. Now, if you know me, you know that I love my Sunday afternoon siesta. Well, for my mom, I'd do it.  She kept my kids from the day I went back to work from having them until I decided to stay home with them.  So I told her I would help.  Then my mom called and made up some story about an impromptu shower one of her friends wanted to have.  My hubbie was even in on the news and did not spill the beans.  I left from lunch at my Grandmother's (our Sunday ritual also) and head up to the tearoom with my sister completely, utterly, and totally unaware of the real reason for giving up my Sunday nap. As we pull in to the parking lot, instead of pulling to the back as we do when we are helping, Rachel pulled in to the very front.  Strange, but it is Rachel (I love you honey). Then, I looked over and spotted Jamie's mother's car. I see her and my sweetheart nieces retrieving pink bags from the trunk and it hit me that something was up.  I looked at my sister and asked her what on earth was going on, and as I looked over at her she had the deer in the headlights look in her eyes.  Bless her heart, she did not know what to say.  She later said that she was telepathically trying to tell Jamie's mom to hurry and jump in the trunk for a minute.  So, needless to say, in my precarious emotional state, the tears began to flow in buckets.  My precious friends and family had set up the most beautiful and touching shower for my sweet baby girl.  Once I had filled up a bucket or two, I dried up the tears and had such a wonderful and blessed time.  I did not have my camera, but several others did, so I will try to post pictures of this special afternoon later. I have never been so blessed and humbled. 
Amelia, got some of the cutest things and now I am super excited for her to get here so I can use them. 
God has truly blessed me with wonderful people in my, so many wonderful people.  I am humbled to my very core.

I love you all and can not thank you enough!

Much love,