Eli's Name Gallery

These pictures were taken by my friend Tiffany.  Thank you Tiffany.  I love them all!
These pictures were taken by Beverly.  She said she saw Eli's name constantly this day embedded in other words.
This is one that I took.
This picture was sent by Rebecca. I thought this was really cool!
This picture was taken by Staci. The model her precious daughter Kendall.
These pics were taken by my sister Rachel in New Haven, Connecticut.
These pics are of the EGG from my friend Kim.

These pictures were taken in Ashville, AL. The owner of this produce stand allowed me to photograph the signs. If you are ever there make sure to stop by and get some fresh maters.

Tina saw this sign on the way to Ciaro, GA to a family reunion.

These next few pictures pictures were taken by Josh and Rachel on their trip to New York.

Thank you Penny for these gorgeous pictures of Eli's name in the sand.

I love the footprints in the sand!!! That is so sweet!
Jay and Cooper surprised me wilt Eli's name in blocks.
Eli's name in the sand at Fort Morgan, AL.