Sunday, June 8, 2014

Satan Waltzed Right In

He didn't even sneak in the back door.  He waltzed right in the front door and was embraced like an old friend. He was covered in a cloak, a beautiful one made from love and compassion.  He is after all the ultimate beguiler. Hidden expertly in that cloak he began to dance and beckoned us to follow, to dance with him.

I have been a part of a beautiful community of mothers for over four years. A community of mothers who have encouraged me through some of the most difficult of times. I have a deep and true love for the mamas.  They have taught me how to love and encourage people who are new to our community. Until this week I do not think we have disagreed on much.

This week I feel like part of this community followed the beckoning of the beguiling.  They danced with the devil. They chose to embrace abortion. Let me preface my thoughts with a disclaimer that I wholeheartedly believe. I believe there is no sin that should cause Christians to turn their backs on others and not offer people the love that we have been commanded to give. God has set the example for Christians to follow. He forgives all who come to him and lay their sins at his feet.

Satan wants the world to think that when Christians speak out against a sin they also hate the sinner.  We are all sinners. 
Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.
I am a wretched sinner saved by grace.  Nothing I ever could do would make me deserving of God's love.  He gives it freely.  He commands me to give it freely as well. Nothing I could do would make me deserving of God's salvation. The cross was my atonement for my wretchedness.

But I am not to embrace sin EVER. I am not to tell someone who had an abortion that what they did was alright. It is not alright.  It is murder. Women make choices to end pregnancy for many different reasons and society says it is alright. 
Over four years ago we were given a incompatible with life diagnosis for the son I carried in my belly. We went to a specialist for further diagnosis and were told we should terminate our pregnancy.  Kill our son. He would never live on this earth anyway so why not just get it over with. No other reason but that. We were scared and felt all alone in a new world, but we we covered in prayer and God alone guided us through the next twelve weeks and then life thereafter. If you are reading this now and you chose to terminate your pregnancy please know I love you, most importantly God loves you.  He will not turn His back on you. God can use this situation to draw you near to Him, give you new life. No matter how much I love you and God loves you unless YOU lay it before God and ask for His forgiveness, it will not be redeemed. He and He alone is the author of life.

Our diagnosis could have just as easily been one that would turn the tables and put my life in danger.  I thank God everyday that it was not and that I have not had to walk in those shoes. I have often thought about what I would do in that situation.  It obviously would not have been some mistake God had made because he does not make mistakes. He is perfect.  He is sovereign.
Imagine with me for a second that some crazed person walked up to me and put a gun to my head.  This person then said the only way your life can be spared, to raise your children, is if you give me one of them.  They will take the bullet for you. What would you do? I am a mama bear.  I would fight, fight for my children. To terminate would be to say God had made a mistake.

I have seen a very disheartening exodus from biblical beliefs among this community all in the name of tolerance. I think tolerance has become lumped in to a category with love and compassion.  However, tolerance is not the inability to recognize the existence of a sin.  The bible is very clear about the destructiveness of sin.  We fail to draw a line between the sin and the sinner just as Satan wishes.

I will tell you that I believe the grief of a mother who has terminated a pregnancy without repentance is valid and so much greater than the grief I walk with over the loss of my son.  Her grief is laced with guilt, I believe, and for that I pray for her.  My heart goes out to her because her hurt is so real and hopeless and will remain that way unless she asks for forgiveness of a God that is good all of the time...A God that makes no mistakes.

Matthew 11:28-30
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden in light.

Satan's cloak may be beautiful and beguiling but it is no match for HIS words. These words offer hope to the hopeless, rest for the weary.  Here is a place to lay your head and be comforted. It is a place of quiet rest. It is a free gift offered to those who are willing to receive. Acceptance in a community of people is nothing compared to this! People are human and riddled with flaws.God is perfect in ALL of His ways.

Much Love, 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Years - Winner announced!

Today has been quite a day and tomorrow I will blog about it! today! 

Eli's third birthday is today!  I do not know where three years have gone.  I miss my boy! 

Happy Birthday to you baby!

In honor of Eli's birthday Pet Art Creations is hosting a giveaway on my blog. We had fun drawing the winner. 

There were six entries:
 I folded the names and put them in a box.  Then I called my boys for a little help.
 Cooper held while Jay drew. Notice Jay's shiny new grin.  It will be his for the next 36 months. 
 Cooper got the honors of unfolding and reading the name. He was happy! He makes me happy.  Actually all of my babies make me happy, even on days like this one! (more on that tomorrow)

 Here is the name he read to me.  Then I had to snap a picture of it for good measure!
Yay Susan!  You are the winner!  I will give your name to Andrea and if you will contact her through Pet Art Creations' Facebook page, you can work everything out! 
Thank you all for entering our giveaway!  I might just have to make Eli's birthday, giveaway day every year!  It was fun! 
Many thanks for all of the prayers and beautiful words we received today!  These days are extra hard but I am feeling extra blessed tonight!
Much love,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My nemisis...

...seems to be technology these days!

I was made aware that some had been unable to enter the giveaway by posting comments on the blog. 

Here is the deal-e-o

You can comment on the blog before this post or send me an email at  Either way you will be entered as long as you like Pet Art Creations on Facebook!

The giveaway will end tomorrow evening and we will put the names in a hat and let the kiddos help with the drawing.  It will be fair, I PROMISE! We just need some entries!  It doesn't cost anything to enter!  It is a really cool prize.  So, what ya waitin' for?

Much love,

Friday, February 15, 2013


Okay, forget the rafflecopter!  I dislike it A LOT!!! It is showing that there are five entries in the giveaway but will not show me who the entries are! I am going to try and reclaim those entries somehow.  I sent a message to the moderator of the website and have not heard back YET!  I am unhappy. 

Here is what I am going to do. 

If you have already entered the giveaway please comment on this blog post that you did. If you have not already entered and are waiting, then just comment on this blog post as well. Remember you must like Pet Art Creations on the FB for one chance to enter.  Leave me a comment stating that you did that.  Then leave a second comment here for a second chance to win.Just say hi and you are entered!

So sorry for such turmoil.  You have until Eli's birthday on the 21st to get entered!  It is a very nice prize! It is fun and whimsical!

Much Love,

Monday, February 4, 2013

Quick Hello

Just a quick hello today!  I wanted to clarify that you may go ahead and enter the giveaway for Eli's birthday anytime between now and the 21st.  It is a really neat giveaway and I am quite excited about it!

Much love,

Friday, February 1, 2013

Birthday Month

Update: I just noticed that this post had disappeared from my blog.  I do not know how or why, but I re posted it and it seems to be on again.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Wow, hello to all of you, my long lost friends.  September 4th was my last post. I do not know where time has gone!  I have sat down to type several posts in the in between and nothing seemed right.  I have missed my little corner of the world wide web!  It feels good to visit with you I have been away from home on a vacation and come home.  If that  makes any sense?

Since we have not spoken in way too long and because it is Eli's Birthday month, I think I will have a little giveaway.  Bribing you to be my friends, perhaps?  NO, NOT AT ALL. Just showing you how much I love you. 

This month is Eli's birthday month and I wanted to do something special.  Andrea, over at Pet Art Creations agreed to give some blessed individual a really cool gift.

Andrea is a digital artist and she created this picture for me. She is also my daddy's sister. She took an image that I had taken and created this really cool scene around it.  I just love it!  Isn't is adorable? She even added a picture of Eli in the clouds.  How special!! I love how Amelia appears to be enthralled with the star fish.  It is just way cool! Wouldn't you like one of these?

Or what about this adorable baby? Do have a pet you would like to see in one of Andrea's incredible scenes?
I just can't handle the cuteness in this one!!

We will be giving away one digitally enhanced photo on Eli's birthday! Andrea will take one of your photo's, digitally enhance it, and have it put on an 8 x 10 canvas.  Yes, I said canvas. It just keeps getting better doesn't it? This is a $90 value.  Thank you Andrea for sponsoring this sweet giveaway!
To be entered to win Eli's Birthday giveaway just complete the Rafflecopter entry form! Happy sharing! Remember, the winner will be drawn February 21, 2013 as part of Eli's birthday celebration!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Much love,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

She just knew

It was so real she could see it, smell it, taste it, feel it and it burned itself in her mind.  A permanent tattoo that perhaps would fade with time. 
She went in to deliver her baby.  In an instant like none other she was holding a lifeless body...willing it to breath.  Begging the doctors...nurses to check just one more time.  It was a mothers instinct that kept propelling her to get them to check just once more.  I know he will breath if you just listen.  Just once more, please... and they would only to shake their heads in tragic sorrow.  He was her second to be lost or was he?  Somewhere she remembers those people saying, "But you knew it could happen."  It has before, don't you remember?   Were there really six or was it five?  The questions began swirling until it made its own sense. It was a way to reconcile keeping her beautiful rainbow and having her beautiful boy too. I think.  I guess. It only made sense in her mind.
All of the sudden there was a loud gasp for air in the quietness of that tiny room.  Then screams...the screams of a newborn.  "Hurry", she screamed to him.  "Run, get the nurse."  I knew he was alive.  I just knew it, but they would not listen.  They didn't believe me but they will now. They came running in hurriedly and whisked him away.  They took him to the NICU to be kept alive.  He was kept that way for days, weeks on end.  Finally, they went home to shower and retrieve some things they would need, only to be called right back.  He needed them now.  It was a race to make it back.  She frantically tried to call her mother to beg her to go ahead so he would have someone.  She couldn't get her.  "Why was she not answering her phone?"  Finally,  her mom answered and she said she would go.  When they got there family had gathered. They all waited with bated breath.  He just needed his mommy and daddy.  That was all.  He was going to be fine and so was the baby of her friend whom she had walked through this journey with.  Her friend's baby was being put in a regular bed because she was doing so well. Her baby, her Eli would get there she just knew it. 

And then it was over before it really began.  I wanted to go back to dreamland just for a little while longer.  It is so rare for me to dream of him.  It has happened two or three times now.  This is the most I remember from any of them.  It was the best of both worlds because my mind worked it out for me to have Eli and Amelia along with my other sweetlings. 

Much love,