Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Years - Winner announced!

Today has been quite a day and tomorrow I will blog about it! today! 

Eli's third birthday is today!  I do not know where three years have gone.  I miss my boy! 

Happy Birthday to you baby!

In honor of Eli's birthday Pet Art Creations is hosting a giveaway on my blog. We had fun drawing the winner. 

There were six entries:
 I folded the names and put them in a box.  Then I called my boys for a little help.
 Cooper held while Jay drew. Notice Jay's shiny new grin.  It will be his for the next 36 months. 
 Cooper got the honors of unfolding and reading the name. He was happy! He makes me happy.  Actually all of my babies make me happy, even on days like this one! (more on that tomorrow)

 Here is the name he read to me.  Then I had to snap a picture of it for good measure!
Yay Susan!  You are the winner!  I will give your name to Andrea and if you will contact her through Pet Art Creations' Facebook page, you can work everything out! 
Thank you all for entering our giveaway!  I might just have to make Eli's birthday, giveaway day every year!  It was fun! 
Many thanks for all of the prayers and beautiful words we received today!  These days are extra hard but I am feeling extra blessed tonight!
Much love,

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