Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is...

I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine: he feedeth among the lilies.  Song of Solomon 6:3

What a profession of love that is!  The Song of Solomon is such a beautiful love story.  I know that God puts husbands and wives together with great purpose.  Jamie and I met more than 13 years ago and we both knew pretty quickly that God meant for us to be together.  I promise you, we have done MUCH growing since then. I know that my love for him grows everyday.  My heart is full!  We have normal everyday growing pains that all relationships have, but we always come out with deeper understanding of one another.  God has blessed us tremendously!  At least I know he has blessed me!

God knew when he put us together what we would face 13 years down the road.  He knew all of the bumps that we would go over on the way to help strengthen us.  God knew that Jamie would be just the person I needed to walk with on this journey.  Jamie has been so amazing these last few months.  He just knows when I need his arms, a hand, or his shoulder.  I do not have to ask or seek these things.  Jamie is scared and has his moments and days just like me.  He has been so selfless and supportive.  I could not imagine life without him. 
Happy Valentines Day! 

 Just the two of us!

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  1. Great post. I must tell you, it is such a blessing to see you two in love and dealing with this situation with so much togetherness. I was talking with a friend of mine and her husband who lost twin boys when they were born very premature. He told me that a difficult situation can either strengthen a marriage or tear it apart, but it'll do one or the other. What a joy to see you both leaning hard on Jesus and leaning hard on each other. Love you and always praying for you!