Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Signs from a loving God

I absolutely believe that God gives us signs of his presence in our lives.  I have blogged about the night Eli was born and the thunderstorm that came up after he passed away. I also blogged about tulips and their meaning. Winks...Signs...call them what you will.  I think they are from God.

Weather is one of those things that is not always predictable, but the weather people do a pretty good job of letting us know what to expect. This time last week, I believe, the forecast was calling for a 30 % chance of rain Sunday and Monday.  As the weekend drew nearer the chances of thunderstorms increased significantly. Until there was a 100 % chance on Sunday night into Monday. You might ask, "why on earth is she talking about rain chances in the past?"  Well, you probably know that I went back to work this week and I was really stressed about it. As the week went on I became more and more worried about it.  Sunday night was very tense around my house and guess what? The thunderstorms rolled in about 4:00 Monday morning. It rained all day Monday.  My sweet sister sent and email to me at work.  She said that while she was driving in to work amidst all the rain she imagined that Eli was smiling down at me and letting me know that he was with me. That is how I felt also. I felt God's presence with me yesterday and Eli's also. The rain was such a sweet reminder. 

The rain ended late yesterday afternoon and the sun actually peeked out from the clouds around the time it was to set. My little Lucie Rose drew our attention to the amazing sunset.  It was absolutely stunning.
These are some pictures I snapped from my back porch. Really they do not do it the justice it deserves because, by the time I got out the camera and got on the porch the intensity of the sunset was gone. It literally looked as if the sky was on fire. The wonder of such a sunset after an all day rain is amazing! So yeah, I believe in signs from God. I think he winked at me again yesterday.

Much love,


  1. We serve an awesome God who reminds us daily that he is still with us and he still desires good for us! So glad that you felt our Savior's presence and Eli's as well when you needed i most. Beautiful sunset.

  2. Funny how we both blogged about signs from God this week. Work gets better, more tolerable, I promise. It's hard to feel okay with going back "into the world" as I called it. I really didn't want to and some days I still don't want to. Thinking of you always.