Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Urgent prayer request

My heart is heavy tonight for two sweet blogger mamas who will give birth to babies tomorrow.
Angelle will be giving birth to baby Alexander tomorrow. Alexander has Potter's syndrome (the same as Eli). Angelle went in for induction this afternoon. She will more than likely welcome Alexander in a few short hours and sometime thereafter hand him over to Jesus.
Melissa will give birth via planned c-section to baby Amelia tomorrow as well. Amelia has Anencephaly, which is also a fatal diagnosis.
Please lift these sweet mamas and their families up to our Lord and Savior. They are being asked to do something that no parent ever wants to face. Both of these women chose life for their babies despite receiving a fatal diagnosis. They chose to let God be the one to decide when they would be welcomed into heaven. If you get a chance and feel led, visit their sites by clicking on their highlighted names and let them know you are praying. These families need constant prayer to face the days to come.
My heart just breaks that other mamas and daddies should be faced with this.
Much love and many prayers tonight,


  1. Have gone to both and sent my prayers.

    I just hate this...every single time I see tears me up.

  2. Praying for both of these families.

  3. this breaks my heart. praying for these precious women...

  4. Sent prayers to both families. I have shed tears for both families. I agree it is very heartbreaking to have to watch others go through this as well.