Sunday, October 9, 2011

First day of school jitters

I can totally remember those first days of school.  I was a bit nervous, a bit excited, a bit apprehensive, excited(Wait, I already said that didn't I.), dreadful.  So many emotions all rolled into one.  We would go shopping before the first day of school and get our new school clothes. We would get our school supplies.  I would have my wardrobe picked out for at least the first week of school.  Each year I felt bigger, older, more mature.  I thought I was the bombdiggity when I started high school.  No one had ever been there before class.  We were first timers. It was so easy to get up and get moving on those first days of school.  Excitement was a grand motivator in the beginning of each school year.  That excitement wore off pretty quickly and then I had to literally drag out of bed unless we had something special going on that a field trip or somethings. 

It is not much different when you homeschool.  The excitement of a new year is still there.  We still go shopping...just not for as much.  We order books and boy, the day those arrive is a special day.  We stock up on supplies to get us through a portion of the year.  This year in preparation for our school year, I wanted Jamie to build a divider for our school room.  I wanted the divider to be made of white board on one side and bulletin board on the other.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out.  The kiddos got in on the action and helped him build it. 

It is not quite finished in this picture.  Jamie had to go back and add a 2x4 in the center to stabilize it.  Please excuse LR's hair.  It had not been brushed when she jumped in the picture.
Our School room is open to the kitchen and the living room.  I wanted a way to close it off from at least the living room.  I like the way it turned out.  When it is not in use, we just fold it and put it against the wall.  It is a great addition to our little school room. 

Everyone was excited to begin this year.  I bought a basket for each of my kiddos to put their books in when at the table.  They have a cubby in the school closet that they get put up in when not in use.  I bought a small trash can for each one.  Each book basket and trash basket are specific colors picked out by my sweetlings.  I wanted some way to keep our school area as clutter free as possible.  I had each person's books and supplies put in their place for the first day.  I had our schedule all figured out and we went over the schedule first thing.  We got up, ate breakfast together and got started.  It was a great first day.  For first days of school, I would say it was very productive.  It really is kind of neat how excited everyone got in anticipation of the first day of school.  I mean seriously, who does not love the smell of new books.  The thrill of opening a new pack of crayons or markers is so intrinsic.

The first day of school is always an exciting time.  Here are a couple of pictures from our first day in August.
I'm digging the stitches above Coop's right eye! A souvenir from vacation.

Much love,

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