Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fuzzy Brain...

I've got nothing folks.  No, that is not so.  I've got lots and lots that I want to share but I am so stinking tired tonight my brain just will not focus and allow me to put coherent thoughts together on this electronic paper I call a blog.  I want to blog about the flexibility of homeschooling, time management, classroom management, homeschooling with wide age groups, other curriculum I love, what has not worked so well for us and boy does the list go on.  I went and helped my Mama with a catering job today and well, I think I will be washing dishes in my sleep.  So, basically what I am doing right now is brainstorming and just seeing where my fuzzy brain takes me. 
I get very little time away from my kiddos and on those rare occasions when I do, like today, it is a mixed bag.  I do not particularly feel the need to get away that much. I do sometimes yearn for adult conversation and peace and quiet.  I feel awful saying I am somehow cheating on my kiddos.  I mean how could I possibly not want to be around them every single moment for the rest of my life?  Honestly, time is flying by and I do not want to miss a second of them growing up. Homeschooling allows me to be there and experience it all. I love that about homeschooling.  I love the ups and downs of raising kids 24/7. But, sometimes I get weary and need to let Jamie take over for a few hours.   Does that make me a bad mama?  Somehow, I feel like it does.  I know deep down we all need a break sometimes.  I struggle with this my friends. I struggle greatly with this.  Once a week, I get and hour and a half away when I grocery shop.  That is my "me time" the Wally World.
I am really needing some guidance here fellow stay at home mamas.  How do you feel about "me time"?  How do you handle your need for some quiet time? 
Guys, I am tired and tend to get a little mushy when I am tired.  I really am looking forward to hearing from you on this "me time" issue.  Now, I am going to relax for five minutes and see if I can get my sweet hubbie to rub my aching feet. 
Much love tonight my blogosphere buddies,


  1. I don't particularly feel the need to get away much either Jennifer. I guess I am actually one of those weird Mamas that don't want to ever be away from their child! I know that may be "not normal" these days and everybody needs their "me time".... but I just find my me time when everybody goes to bed or either during nap time during the day. I also don't mind being at home, and don't really have to have that "social" outlet or whatever you want to call it. I find my social outlets online communicating with other Mamas that blog, etc. I do understand what you mean about getting weary at times and needing a break sometimes. I think we all feel like that at some point or another. But for me, when I am away from mine, even for just a short while -- I can not stand it. So, I just find my "me time" when I can... late at night or occasionally during naptime during the day. I know there are so many people out there with totally different feelings on that topic, and honestly -- I don't think any of it makes any of us bad mamas. I just think that we really have to do what works for us, because we are each and all different. To each his own ;)

  2. I am a stay at home mom. And I feel blessed to no end that I am able to be home with my babies all day long! But let me just say that my "me time" is! It doesn't happen very often. Maybe once or twice a month. But I look very forward to the times I meet a girlfriend for dinner or going to play bunco with the girls. I just come back refreshed and ready to be with my kiddos again. And I know they enjoy their alone time with daddy. So you wanting a little quiet time definitely does NOT make you a bad mama. It makes you normal :). And you are an extraordinary mother. You can tell that your kids are your life. I think a little alone time can actually help us as mothers because we can decompress a bit. So you should definitely not feel guilty. :)

  3. I just want to say that I posted my comment before I read Lauren's comment. And I in no way think she is not "normal" for not feeling the need for "me time". It's very admirable! So maybe "normal" wasn't the correct word to use in my post because everyone is different. As long as our children are our priority, they will fine!