Monday, October 31, 2011


Tomorrow is Halloween, just in case you were not aware already.  We will have school tomorrow. Although, with the excitement level here, I am not sure how much we will accomplish.  I still have to finish LR's and Amelia's costumes.  They are going to be Jessie from Toy Story.  Then, I have to make Jay's costume.  He is going to be a royal knight. I bought a sheet and am planning to make him a cape.  I am pretty sure we will have some sewing lessons tomorrow.  Who knows, I might even let the boys give the sewing machine a whirl. What am I planning to do to tomorrow?  We will do our bible lesson and take the tests that we did not get done Friday.  We also will whip out the mental math books and make that work up.  Then, I thought that I would let the kiddos try their hand at painting with acrylic paint.  I want to let them draw and paint a Jack-o-lantern.  It is not a holiday for us but it will be a more relaxed day than normal.  Honestly, I do not think I could make them sit and do school all day if I tried.  I guess if you can not beat them, you join them.  Lucie Rose and Jay are still not feeling 100% and now Amelia has caught their crud.  I am sincerely hoping Cooper avoids the mess. So, because we have the luxury, we are kind of taking it easy.  Tuesday will be business as usual. 

Much love,