Thursday, October 13, 2011

The School of Life

Sometimes life provides the best learning opportunities.  This week has just reinforced that for us.  We have been so busy this week it seems.  Jamie was complaining about our hectic week tonight and I was tempted to join in.  Then I stopped and thought, "Ya know, we're gonna miss this one day." I voiced my thoughts to my sweet hubbie and he stopped and thought about it and agreed.  It doesn't change the here and now and certainly doesn't negate our weariness.  And tired I am.  We had two soccer games tonight and just the thought of coming home at 8:30, eating dinner, bathing and getting everyone to bed was a little daunting. However, I wouldn't have missed because if I had, I would have missed my sweet Jay scoring his first goal.  His first goal was the winning goal for his team.  Now, that did seem to negate the weariness.  He is on cloud nine.  His mama is too! I am especially proud of him because he played soccer tonight with and abscessed tooth.  Yep, bless his heart, he woke up about 1:00am Wednesday morning with a tooth ache and I gave him an Advil and put him back to bed. When he woke up yesterday morning his face was slightly swollen and progressively got worse.  So, off to the dentist we went. He began a round of two different antibiotics yesterday. When he woke up this morning it was worse. The entire right side of his face looked like he had been punched repeatedly.  His eye was even just about swollen shut.  I called the dentist and asked how much swelling we should tolerate and was told that if it affected his eye we should go to the ER.  I kinda freaked out at that point but calmly told the receptionist that his eye was almost swollen shut.  She put me on hold and went to talk to the doctor.  When she came back, she told me to just watch it and if it swelled any more at all, I should take him to the ER.  That made me more than a little uncomfortable.  It did not swell anymore and did finally start going down some.  I gave him the choice of staying home tonight and not playing soccer and he was pretty incredulous that I would suggest that. So, he played.  He played the best game of his life.  I am so proud of him.  Perseverance was the lesson of the day.  This time, I was the student and Jay the teacher. I love that boy to pieces.  He makes me so proud.  Sure hope his face and tooth are better tomorrow. Monday, we will go to the endodontist and see what we have to do about that tooth.  I'm pretty sure he will tell him that he played the best game of his life with a fat lip, sore mouth, and sore face. Did I mention that I lurve that kid, because I do.
Tomorrow, I will teach the lessons but today Jay was the teacher.
Much love,

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