Monday, October 3, 2011

What rocks my socks?

Our bible curriculum rocks my sock right off my feet.  I love it.  Last year I was introduced to the wonderful world of Apologia.  If you have never heard of them you should for sure do some research.  We did not have a set curriculum for bible last year.  We just kind of winged it but we learned.  We made it to this year.  I knew I wanted some sort of organizational guide for bible this year...some sort of daily guide.  I ran across Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him? in my rainbow resources book. This book is part of the What We Believe series.  It is published by Apologia Press. 

I knew I already liked Apologia Press.  To be honest with you, if they would publish an entire curriculum, I would purchase it all.  I am just that impressed. I read the summary and review for this series and decided to purchase it.  I bought one textbook for all of us to share and two journals, one for each of the boys.  Lucie Rose is just not old enough for the journal yet.  It did not let me down.  We are enjoying it so much.  We typically take two weeks per lesson.  The journal is packed full of activities to support the text.  There are crossword puzzles, word finds, mini books to make, writing activities, and illustrating activities.  There is a page for prayers and a page for praises.  Each lesson has a story that is relevant to the concept being taught.  There are comprehension questions to go with the story and the lesson. 

The boys are really enjoying this study.  Lucie Rose is enjoying the read aloud time and she will draw pictures in her "journal" (a notepad we bought for her). 

What do I add to the mix?
I incorporate some bible drills in here to keep my kiddos on their toes.  I will call out the verse and they have to find them in their bibles.  The first one to find the verse gets the honor of reading it.  Of course as I mentioned yesterday, we have memory verses weekly and a word of the week from the bible.  I am always open to suggestions about others ways to mix it up :). You know boys...if you do not keep them on their toes, they get bored all too easy. 

What do you do and how do you mix it up? What totally rocks your socks?

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